My Saturday on Sunday

29 01 2006

So I went shopping yesterday. I decided to do the knitting olympics and picked a scarf from scarf style to work on. It’s really pretty, and lacy, I’ll post a picture when I get around to it. I had tried this scarf once before with an expensive cotton yarn, just to find that apparently the expensive yarn didn’t do lace well. So I went to JoAnn Fabrics to find some nice acrylic, and I found it! And it was on sale to make matters even better. I didn’t spend my own money which made things really great. My boyfriend had given me a gift certificate for Christmas, so I bought my two beautiful skeins of yarn, and two magazines.

I already subscribe to Creative Knitting, and Family Circle Easy Knitting, which has now been taken over by Vogue. I was deciding whether or not to subscribe to these two. I’ve always been a big fan of Interweave Knits; however, I’ve never actually purchased one before. So I’ve thought about maybe subscribing to these two, and possibly not renewing Family Circle when my subscription expires. Then I love patterns so I want to subscribe to all of them! Maybe I will, if I look at it this way, it’s roughly $80 a year for all four subscriptions. I used to subscribe to two magazines, those “teen” magazines, and I never read the things. But I actually read the knitting ones. In fact, I re-read them over and over and over again. And you can never have too many patterns.

Yesterday I also had pep band, and sitting through two basketball games can get a tad boring so this time I took along the green scarf. This is the expensive yarn that I tried to make the lacy scarf out of. It’s gorgeous, but because it’s really bumpy, it didn’t do the whole lace thing real well. Unfortunately, I didn’t actually work on it. Pep Band got canceled, but I decided to stay for the game anyways. So me and two of my friends went and sat in the student section. We were the student section. No one showed up until the boys game started. And when people did show up, there were maybe only 25 people there. So I just couldn’t bring myself to knit. It’s such a pretty scarf though, the picture doesn’t do anything for it.

Look! I really am making progress on the baby blanket. It’s taking forever, but I keep working away hoping it will get done. The one thing I hate about blankets, is having to weave all the ends in. I love knitting, not finishing. Yup.

Well I’m going to go lock myself away and attempt to get all my homework done before church at 6, that way I can find some time to work out, and still be able to work on this blanket tonight. I have winter formal next weekend, and I’d like to be able to drop a few more pounds before I go. Hopefully working out will help.




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