5 02 2006

Well my Saturday was pretty eventful. My sister had solo/ensamble contest. She had a class A piece and she got a I, so she was really happy. She’s only a freshman in Highschool, so that’s pretty good. She lucked out because the judge let her pick any starting note for her chromatic. She did really good on her solo though. She was really nervous. She was shaking so hard I thought she was going to pass out.

While at the solo/ensamble contest (before and after), I did get a chance to knit some. A whole two rows of my green scarf. Pathetic I know. On the way home we stopped and picked up the flowers for Winter formal. Both my sister and I were going which was somewhat exciting. We both went to homecoming to though. Actually it wasn’t very exciting. Here’s a picture, don’t we look lovely.

Aww.. how cute. Did I mention I really hate formals.

Anyways, we ordered pizza for dinner. In all the dances I’ve ever gone too, I’ve never once gone out before. We always get take out. This was the first time we’ve actually ordered pizza though. My mom actually went a little overboard with the pizza, because we figured the Superbowl was Sunday, so leftovers are a good thing.

My dress is brown, although it doesn’t look brown in the picture, and it has a pale pink trim along the bottom, and a little bit of pink ruffle that sticks out. It’s pretty. The picture I have that shows the whole dress I’m not crazy about, so you’ll have to use your imaginations.

So we went to the dance, with little sister and her date in tow. We didn’t have to bring them home, and we left around 8:30 when the boredom finally got to us. We were ready to leave before 8 (the dance started at 7), but we ended up trying to enjoy ourselves to 8:30. It just isn’t the same as the other dances. Almost everyone I know has graduated. The only people that I know are kids who I was in band with. And my boyfriends a senior. He knows some people, but we were pretty much by ourselves the whole evening. Our usual group of friends has broken up so many times because of people graduating and couples breaking up. Things just weren’t the same. So we came back to my house, changed clothes, and watched corpse bride twice. It was really good, obviously because we watched it twice. I really like it though. It’s a good movie. I watched it four times total yesterday. I watched it while trying to do my Calculus homework. One time I even watched it in French just because it’s fun to change things up a bit. Keep in mind I don’t know French. I know some German that I can recall from highschool, and last semester, but because most movies don’t have German dubbing, I had to settle for French. What can I say, i’m easily amused.

As far as today (sunday) goes, I woke up this morning sick (whoo!), so I wasn’t able to go help out at school today for a Valentines thing they were having. I was looking forward to going too. So I sat in my room, finished my Calc homework, and did my other homework. I still have reading to do for tomorrow, but my sister finally stepped away from the computer so I figured now was the time to update.

My baby blanket is coming along very well. I only have two rows of the green and blue, and three rows of the pink and yellow to do. I’d post a picture, but you’ve seen more than enough pictures of that blanket. It’s really coming along, and finishing it before the Olympics seems really likely now. Speaking of the Olympics, I started my gague swatch! yay! I love the colors of the yarn…so pretty. I can’t wait till Friday. The beauty of it is, if I really like the final project, I can make millions more with all the cheap acryllic hiding under my bed in what I call my “stash”… Hopefully it turns out nice. I don’t know why it wouldn’t.




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