6 02 2006

I spent last night watching the superbowl. I’m not a huge football fan, but it’s just one of those things you’re supposed to do ya know? Well I went to watch it at my boyfriends house. They loooooooove sports, especially his dad. To make things more interesting, they’re from Pittsburgh. We were in his room watching it, his mom and sister were in the living room downstairs, and his dad was alternating between his bedroom upstairs and the living room. It was funny sitting in his room listening to everybody scream.

Which brings me to the topid of my post. I worked on the baby blanket while watching the big game. I finished another row of blue and green squares, and got excited. Thinking to myself, one row of blue and green left, and three rows of pink and yellow. Then I stopped myself. How? If the rows alternate, there’s no way I can have one blue/green row, and three pink/yellow rows left. Alas, I was wrong. When I updated yesterday I really had 3 rows of blue/green and 3 rows of yellow/pink. Problem solved. Unfortunately that means I wasn’t as far along as I thought I was. Big disappointment. Oh well. I’ll live. I’m still extremely pumped about the knitting olympics, and I’ve just gone into a KAL kick. I want to sign up for all of them, unfortunately I don’t have the time to put into them. Oh well. I’ll figure something out.




2 responses

7 02 2006

Thanks for the comment! Can’t wait to see your finished blanket! And I saw that you’re an ed. major – yippee!

9 02 2006

Thanks for the comment as well- I like the baby blanket, you obviously have WAY more patience than me. And you’re taking Calc II (so not my fave… it’s been 3 yrs since I took it and have forgotten ALL of it!)… good luck with the Knitting Olympics!!!!

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