Knitting Olympics

11 02 2006

I have started my scarf for the knitting Olympics. My boyfriend and I did the whole Valentines Day thing last night, so I wasn’t able to start at the first possible second. I did start sometime after midnight though when I got home from the movie. He really is the best for putting up with my hobby.

Anyways, i had a big long entry that has vanished, so I’m keeping this short due to lazyness to type the whole thing again. That takes time and I have a scarf to make. Which I’ll be working on all day.

Now for a picture.

It’s not real easy to see because I used such a dark yarn. It’s one of those things you can’t take a picture of. If you look real closely though, you can see a leaf on the right side.

I really love this pattern, and it’s relatively easy to follow as long as you can remember which row you’re on.

Oh, and I have officially sewn all the little diamonds together for my baby blanket. If that isn’t thrilling I don’t know what is. All that’s left is to sew in all the ends and add a border. The end is in sight.




One response

11 02 2006

Congrats on finishing all that sewing. I’m seriously impressed. Great job! And I love your scarf already — can’t wait to see how it turns out!

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