Knitting Olympics-Day 2

12 02 2006

If you want to be really technical, everything that I have done so far on my scarf was knitting on day 2 of the Olympics. That said, here are some pictures:

This is the scarf in it’s entirety. Somewhat hard to see, but it shows you the length, and the true colors.

This one is closer (obviously), and it shows my lovely leaves.

Here is another closer one, in case you should not like the previous closer one. don’t expect many closer ones from now on. This is probably it.

I have made mistakes though, one is visible in the bottom picture, and the top if you look closely at the right side. I had the yarn in front instead of in back while slipping a stitch, and it made my beautiful edge not so beautiful. This led to me contemplating on frogging the whole entire thing. Friends convinced me no one would notice. I also made a mistake on the bottom right hand leaf, in fact it’s right at the top of the leaf where the annoying mistake number one is still taunting me. I misinterpreted some directions and should have done something else. This mistake didn’t bother me till I was on my second repeat and read the directions a second time. I looked back and decided no one would notice. Besides, the bottom of the scarf will be sewn to the second half. The means that the mistakes will fall in the middle of the scarf, and when wearing it will be hidden by my hair. This itself is an incentive to keep my hair long. Hide mistakes.

Mistakes drive me nuts. I’m very much a perfectionist, especially when it comes to knitting. I’ll usually do anything and everything in my power to fix mistakes. My first scarf I made, perfect. Shocked me. When I did make a small mistake… I took several rows out just to fix it.

I am making good progress on my scarf though. It looks like I will finish in time. I’ve never had a scarf come along so fast. I think part of the reason it’s doing so well, is that I feel like I must work my butt off on it. My progress is good news seeing as how I have four exams next week. Yay for college! Two on Tuesday, one on Wednesday, and another on Friday. I need to study like crazy, plus I have homework to get done. Fortunately we killed so much time in Calc on Friday, that we didn’t get to go over a new section, meaning we didn’t get homework. So all I have is discrete homework and studying. I’m really good at the whole study while knitting thing too, so it shouldn’t be too bad. I think I’m going to have to restrain from doing that though. A good break from studying, is knitting, or maybe it should be the other way around. A good break from knitting, is studying.




One response

12 02 2006

That’s a really pretty scarf! I love the colors… thanks for the comment- I hope I didn’t come off like a yarn snob. Alaska is an amazing place, and there are many fibers artists here on Kodiak Island. We even have two LYS’s! (One is an actual shop where I work called the Rookery, and the other is run out of someone’s home). Both places are always willing to make special orders, so yarn isn’t too hard to come by. There are also many people here who raise llamas, goats, etc, so they are a good source for the many spinners on the island too!!!

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