Basketball games

18 02 2006

Went to the basketball game tonight, with knitting of course. I taught my friend Amanda how to knit on Thursday between classes, so she brought hers along. Jen drug her scarf along that she was crocheting because we were. Fun times. Another girl in pep band now wants to learn as well. I told her if she bought the stuff I would teach her.

So here’s what I worked on. This had had been started sometime over the summer. I used to volunteer at a Children’s Hospital so they gave me a pattern for knitted/crocheted hats and
booties for the preemies. So I ran out and bought this lovely green/yellow/blue baby red heart stuff. I got four sets of hats and booties total. This is the end of that yarn. I finished up the had at the game, added the pom pom because they’re so much fun.

Here’s a picture of the hat with the booties, so cute. Now I’m going to throw it into a box until I can get some more made up. It’s a half hour drive to the hospital and I’m not driving up there unless I have several to donate. Either that or I’ll send them up with my sister. She goes up there to see her specialist ever few months.

And here’s a new set started! Almost done with one of the booties. It’s in a really pretty pink yarn with a white strand run through. It’s another cheap acrylic, but that’s what I love. I think this is bernat though. Almost all my baby yarn is bernat. I’ve got tons of it too that are left over from afgahns and other larger projects. It’s the perfect charity project, doesn’t take much time, and it’s really cheap. I took six ounces of yarn, possibly less, and got four sets of hats and booties. For a little over 3 dollars.

The basketball teams did well too. Both men and women won, both have home court advantage for playoffs. The men were champions of their league. Hopefull they’ll be national champs this year too. It would be a fun road trip.




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20 02 2006

What pattern are you using for those cute booties?

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