Quick Update.

24 02 2006

Not much has been happening lately. Wednesday night I decided to put

off any and all homework and spent the evening knitting. I was planning on staying up till 1 am even, but by 11:30 my arms and hands were shot. i couldn’t knit anymore if my life depended on it. It started out with the pink purse which I hate with a passion. Why am I knitting it you ask? Because it was requested, alas, I have no choice. The only problem is it really hurts to knit it, so it won’t be worked on very much.

After I got sick of that (five minutes), I continued making progress on my Knitting Olympics scarf. It went great too. I’m almost done, just one repeat left to go. Then my hand gave out. Specifically whatever that little muscle is that I use for purling. So I switched to my orange scarf that I started last summer. Hurray for UFOs! I only did a row of that though until I gave up. I was miserable and rather than completely destroy my arms, I decided to save them for future years. Hopefully I have many years ahead of me, I’d like to be able to knit during them.

Well I’m trying to pack because I’ll be at a convention in Cleveland this weekend. I have no desire to pack though, go figure. You know, I think I just hate packing. I think I’m going to take the Olympic scarf with me, and probably my preemie hats and booties. I don’t know what kind of time I’ll have to knit but it doesn’t hurt to drag it along.




2 responses

24 02 2006

what kind of convention in cleveland? that’s where i’m from…didn’t look at where u live, but it’s freezing here this weekend, so pack warm!!
the orange scarf looks very purdy…can’t wait to see the finished project! have a good weekend and stay warm!

24 02 2006

oh duh…ur from ohio, too lol – guess it’s probably this bone-chilling cold everywhere, huh? 😉

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