Loooooooong Weekend.

27 02 2006

Well I definitely had a long weekend. We had district convention for Circle K this weekend. It was fun, and I did manage to get my scarf finished in time for the Knitting Olympics to be over. Go me! Anyways, I learned some new things at the convention, we went to lots of workshops, listened to many speeches, had a formal banquet, a dance and whatnot. Did not get much sleep, but I guess that was to be expected. I was up until 2 or 3 am every night. Then back up at 7 or 8 the following morning. It left me beat. Fortunately I didn’t have any homework due Monday aside from my Discrete Patterns which I did during my break before class today.

Then during class my teacher changed his mind and decided he didn’t want to collect it until Wednesday. Speaking of discrete, we got our quiz and test back. I didn’t do great on both. I don’t quite understand why I didn’t do so well on the test. I have one answer right that he marked wrong, I’ll bring it up on Wednesday, and he marked on wrong on my quiz that also should be right. Several people missed that one though and are very upset so he’s somewhat willing to listen to us. It’s hard sometimes to argue with him because I feel like he looks at us all as being a group of morons. We tell him he made a mistake, and instead of listening to us, and hearing us out he tells us we’re wrong. We drag out our notes, show him the notes he gave us that prove we our right, and he argues his own notes. I can’t tell if he realizes his mistake or not, because of the language barrier. Hopefully I won’t have to take any more classes with him, so much of the material on his test we never discussed in class.

Anyways, back to knitting. After finishing my scarf I worked on the evil pink purse some more. I got about 5 rows completed before my hands were throbbing. That’s when I switched over to my baby blanket from long, long ago. I weaved ends in for the better part of two hours, and I’m still not completely finished. I really hate that purse. My hands ache because of it, and it kills to type. I think I’m going to have to take a break from it until my knuckles feel better.



3 responses

27 02 2006

sorry to hear about the icky professor and the hurtin’ hands…that sucks. ur scarf is gorgeous, though…u did a fantastic job!! wtg and happy monday 🙂

28 02 2006

that sucks about the evil pink purse! let you hands recover and knit something less painful!!!!

Thank you for your encouraging comment on my blog – it’s nice to think that someone out there will learn from my mistakes. Makes the whole debacle seem somehow worthwhile – ya know? Anyways I haven’t frogged the tempting ii yet. I’m going to try to fix it somehow…

28 02 2006

Hey, Ashley, the scarf looks beautiful. Aren’t you going to get your gold medal from the Yarn Harlot’s site? It would look so cute on your blo (and make me look less dorky for having one on mine). Take care of your hands – you can do serious damage by continuing to knit when they’re hurting.

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