Completed Set

30 03 2006

I finished another set of preemie hats and booties. Yay! Now I have two completed set. You can actually see the first set in the background.

I’ve done more work on the Jaywalker, still nothing exciting though. I’m getting closer to turning the heel. I’ll show you pictures when that comes along.


Finished Frogging.

28 03 2006

I’ve finally finished frogging and have begun re-knitting… YAY!

It looks so short…. so sad. 😦


28 03 2006

They finally emailed me back. Remember way back when I had so many problems with my Heartthrob purse. They finally emaild me back! The one mistake I found with the whole 80 minus 8 equals 74 has now been corrected, but they didn’t say anything about the other three mistakes. Then again those were things I could have just read wrong. The directions weren’t horribly clear so I’ll blame that.

I’m still ripping on the Jaywalker. I don’t mind it so much. It could be worse, it could be lace. Lace would not be fun to rip.

This is why I should count.

27 03 2006

I’m the type of person who doesn’t count. Once I get into patterns I know where things go, so I just get lazy and don’t bother. Well last night while working away on my Jaywalker I said to myself, I really should count, that way, if I do mess up, I’ll catch it two rows later when I do the pattern repeat rather than much further along. So I started counting. The first row I counted, was off by a stitch. But how could that be? I screwed up. Yup. I forgot to increase at the very end of a row way back when (which probably explains why the sock just looked a bit odd at that point).

So how will I solve this dilemma of mine? Just one word for you: Rip. I know I could have just increased twice in that row, but it would have thrown off the pattern and annoyed me for the remainder of the socks. That and I would be haunted by the error everytime I wore the socks, so I’ll be taking it apart and re-knitting. I’ve already ripped a few rows, how much farther do I need to go? I placed my spare needle right across the row where the mistake is. I thought about running a piece of string through, pulling out the needles, and just ripping away till I got to my row, but I’m worried I won’t be able to tell quite where the row is. The small stitches (not to mention all the slants) just make me a bit uneasy so I’ll be un-knitting them. I was so proud of how far I’d gotten. I really must remember to count. That’s what did me in on the pink purse to. I didn’t notice that I was two stitches off until several rows later. There was a mistake in the pattern, but I would have caught it earlier had I been paying attention.

In other news!

I changed my layout. I was getting a bit sick of the green. I also added some of the blogs that I read into the side bar. Of course I read far more than what is listed there. I have over 60 in my bloglines account and I read all of them. Now that I think of it there are several I really enjoy that I forgot to put up there so I’m going to go fix that.

Blonde Joke

23 03 2006

So my mom got one of those forwards with a bunch of blonde jokes and decided to send it to me. She thought I should put the knitting blonde joke in my blog, so I have done just that. It’s kind of funny, but I couldn’t see it really happening in real life so I guess it just doesn’t do much for me.

Anyways… here goes.

A highway patrolman pulled alongside a speeding car on the freeway. Glancing
at the car, he was astounded to see that the blonde behind the wheel was
knitting! Realizing that she was oblivious to his flashing lights and
siren, the trooper cranked down his window, turned on his bullhorn and
yelled, “PULL OVER!” “NO!” the blonde yelled back, “IT’S A SCARF!”

Leg Warmers

22 03 2006

I’ve finished the legwarmers. Actually they were finished on Monday but I wasn’t online Monday night and only got on for a brief period Tuesday so there you go. What did I used to make these said Legwarmers. Red Heart. No big shocker there, we all know I love acrylic.

Oh, and because the question was raised, I used Regia for my Jaywalkers, color Chili. That was my lovely $3.47 yarn I bought of Herrschners a few weeks ago. Speaking of the Jaywalkers, I’ve found I really enjoy constantly knitting around and around and around. It’s that row between the knitted ones that isn’t my favorite. Usually I’m all for the complicated stuff, so this comes as a big shock to me. But hey, I guess this is a good thing, it means I won’t be bored if I just do basic socks, and mindless projects are always a plus.

Oh, I went to stitch and bitch last night, if that’s what you want to call it. No one showed up so I left after 45 minutes. I did drag two of my friends along with me, so technically it could have been a group, but it just isn’t the same.

Weekend with Knitting

20 03 2006

Didn’t finish much of anything this weekend which is somewhat sad to say. I did make some (but not much) progress on my jaywalker. I finished up my hat and started sewing up more booties for charity. I also finished the knitting portion of the legwarmers I was working on. All that’s left is to sew them up.

This leads me to my question… Should I put a pom pom on the top of the baby hat. I usually do, but I’ll have to use a different yarn because I don’t think it’s possible to make a nice looking pompom out of the stuff I used for the rest of the hat. It’s somewhat of a “fancy” baby yarn and as soon as you cut it with scissors the whole thing unravels.

I had three pictures but blogger isn’t loading them.

I’ll try to add them in later, if you’re debating about the pom pom check back a few entries where I showed the green hat I made. All comments are appreciated.

OH WAIT! I’ve found if I sit long enough blogger will eventually load the pictures!

My lovely RED Jaywalker.

Lovely PINK hat and bootie. Bootie not yet completed. The big debate, pom pom or no pom pom, and what color to make it. I’m thinking white.

Legwarmers! I think I might just sew them up tonight and get rid of them tomorrow. Hurrah for finished projects.