And it just gets worse.

1 03 2006

So I really have no desire to knit that purse, which I believe I’ve said before. While speaking to my boyfriend on Monday night I was told to just get it done and move on with my life. So I was plugging away on Tuesday, that is when disaster struck. Well I guess it’s not really disaster, but you get the picture. So I have pieces number 1, 2, and 3. Number 1 (which is the triangle shape that is actually laying flat) and Number 2 (which is the baby triangle shape on the far right) were already joined together except they in another order with Number 2 being on the left of Number 1. Why? Because I was doing what the directions told me too, or at least what I thought the directions were telling me to do. So then I made triangle shape Number 3 (which is the last shape on the far left). Now it came to the time where I connect Number 3 to Number 1+2. First problem. I was supposed to connect them by purling across all the stitches. However, Number 1+2 fished with a purled row meaning to purl another row would mess up the stockinette. Not so bad, I figured I’d just take out a row. Then I noticed the other problem. If I combined Number 3 to Number 1+2, then it would be on the wrong side. Two mistakes. I think of course. In all honesty I have messed up patterns before because I don’t read them correctly. I’ve gone to the website, and no corrections have been posted, but I’m pretty positive that there are errors. So I studied the diagram of the layout of the purse, ripped some out, and jumped back in. No clue if I’m doing it right, no clue what it will look like, and if it will work out, but I don’t know what else to do. I don’t improvise when it comes to patterns, so the fact that I’m doing this is crazy enough. Oh, and I still hate it, but with passion now.




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1 03 2006

Arg! Your pattern is making my head hurt! Wouldn’t the recipient in question just like a nice scarf instead? 🙂

1 03 2006

I’d love to just give her a scarf, but I was the moron who showed her this pattern because I loved it so much. It’s a great purse too, until you actually start to knit it. It just hurts to knit. It might have been better had I used the yarn called for, but that was too expensive to use then give to a 10 year old. Of course, being that she’s 10, she isn’t willing for a change.

2 03 2006
Steve Middleton

Amazing when hobbies turn into all consuming passions!
Very satisfying when it all comes right though.–>

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