Hurray for March

2 03 2006

I know, I know, March started yesterday. However, I usually update my blog in the afternoon after I get home from school, then my younger sister takes over the computer as soon as she gets home from school and I usually don’t see it again until the next day. Because of this I hadn’t started my Project Spectrum stuff yet.

So, let Project Spectrum begin!!! Okay. I decided for the whole knit-a-long that I was going to try to do some serious stash busting. I have lots of pinks laying around so I figured my first project would diminish some Pink Sugar and Cream that I had sitting around for the past year or so. Flipping through my Creative Knitting magazine, (the same one that has the evil purse pattern) I noticed the dishcloths. I like them. I don’t know why but I like them. They’re circular, which is entertaining enough. And hey, for once I had the yarn that the project in the magazine called for! Usually I just substitute yarn so this is a BIG deal for me.

Will I run out of pink yarn? I highly doubt it. I have so much left over from baby blankets I can always whip out a bunch of preemie hats and booties. I wonder if I’m allowed to use this stash busting idea for project spectrum. I don’t see why not but you never know.

I also worked on the evil pink purse which has now become a big pain because it’s almost too long for the needles. Well now I think I’m just making up excuses. haha …. oh well.




3 responses

2 03 2006

what a lovely way to use the pink! I like that pattern stitch alot! 😉 Have fun with the Project!

3 03 2006

that pattern looks really interesting. i was going thru my stash one day and realized that i have a ton of cotton yarn, so i decided that in between my other projects, i would whip out some dishcloths to save until xmas and give them w/ a bar of homemade soap from or something like that. the one ur making looks much cooler than the square ones i’ve been doing! do u know of any patterns online or where i can get that magazine? tia!

3 03 2006

That pattern is really, really cool… I didn’t know you could knit a circle like that! It looks great in that yarn.

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