3 03 2006

For those who were wondering, the dishcloth pattern is out of the March 2006 issue of Creative Knitting. I’ve had a hard time actually finding this magazine in the store which is why I subscribe to it. $20 a year, for 6 issues, you can’t beat it. I pay $20 for my other knitting magazine and only get 4 issues.

Oh, and what made me mad today actually starts last Thursday. I got the Herrschners catalogue thing in the mail last Thursday, found sock yarn on sale for $2 a skein and ordered 12 skeins. When going to pay for my order I was informed that one of the colors (the green) was on backorder and decided to just stick with my orange and yellow. Okay. Fun colors, can’t beat the price. Then after we give them our credit card numbers they email us and tell us, “hey! all of a sudden we’re out of Yellow” But wait? You weren’t out when I ordered it! WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!?!?! Okay… so I calmed down. Yellow was on backorder, orange has been shipped, I’ll get the yellow, it just might be awhile. So then today, after a particularly long/difficult day at school I’m sorting through the mail and find a letter from herrschners. Oh dear. It was a letter informing me that they had run out of yellow yarn. Apparently it isn’t being made anymore or some other just bad story. So because I paid with a credit card they’re just not going to charge me for it. Now I have four skeins of bright orange sock yarn on it’s way and I don’t really want solid orange socks. I wanted to stripe it with the yellow, but now Herrschners has shattered my dreams. Oh well, guess for under $2 a skein I can’t really be picky.




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