Sock yarn!

4 03 2006

I love mail, especially when there’s yarn in the mail. How the mailman managed to shove my yarn and the mail into our mailbox amazes me. Meet my sock yarn. Not the first sock yarn I’ve purchased, but the first sock yarn I’ve purchased that has wool in it. Yes, you heard right wool. I’ve never knit anything with wool in it. Oh wait! I have, I knit a square out of yarn I’ve spun, but I’m not counting that since it wasn’t a real project.

So they charged me for the orange yarn, the yellow yarn and the shipping. And after the yellow was on backorder they didn’t charge me for that. But I still had to pay the extra shipping fromt the extra yarn. It wasn’t a whole lot, just an extra $2. So I was a bit annoyed. Then I realized, this must be why they sent me a “free shipping” letter in the mail. So I went to the website and bought what? MORE SOCK YARN! I’ve seen people online use Regia, so I thought oh, maybe I’ll take a look at that. Oh my god, it’s $6.95 a skein. Well maybe I’ll buy two skeins, enough for a pair of socks. Then I see it…. Some colors were on sale for $3.47! That’s half price. So exciting. And the best part, they had nice bright colors on sale. So I bought four skeins. Two in Ecru and two in Chili. They had a ton on sale too which made it difficult. So if you’re interested, head over to Herrschners. So now I have about 10 skeins of sock yarn in my possession, another 4 have been ordered, and I haven’t started making a sock yet. It can’t be that hard right? I don’t think I’ve ever found a “hard” knitting pattern. I’ve found ones I just don’t like, but I don’t consider them hard. My goal now is to get all that knitting done on those things I don’t want to do so I can start more projects.




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4 03 2006

*Love* the orange! For more good sock yarn at a pretty decent price, check out, too. I just did a pair in Puzzle. And, of course, KnitPicks is always good. 🙂

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