Promised Pictures

11 03 2006

I said I’d show a picture of the purse problem. If you look you see that there’s a slit in the front (obviously) and my problem is my gauge changed so my slit is being a little covered up. I’m hoping if I sew it up it won’t be noticeable.

So I ordered some sock yarn last Saturday after getting a letter informing me that because the yarn I wanted was on backorder, then discontinued I would get free shipping on my
next purchase. So I found some Regia that was on sale for half off. So I saw this and liked it. Ecru. So pretty in the picture, but I didn’t look quite the same when it showed up today. The Chili looked better. Oh well, yarn is yarn. It’s hard to order it online for this reason, color. That and you don’t know what it feels like until you get it. It looks soft in the pictures but who knows what it’s really like.

Red’s perfect for project spectrum, and I’d love to start a pair of socks on it. I’m afraid to make it my first pair of socks though. Should something go horribly wrong, I’d rather have wasted some of the cheap yarn I have in my room. Oh, and I did get two of each color, just didn’t feel like taking a picture of it. Then again maybe I should just jump right in. Screw those unfinished projects! But what sock to make? I have no idea! I want to make Jaywalkers but I’d have to go find needles too. Which means… A TRIP TO MY FAVORITE STORE! I wonder if the LYS by my school has the needles I need. If not I’m pretty sure the nice cheapo yarn store out in the middle of nowhere has the needles. They have everything.

Gotta go. Chinese food, which means lots of sushi. I love sushi.




One response

15 03 2006

Don’t be scared to try socks! I was, but my SNB group did a KAL and most of us had never done socks before. As soon as I finished my first pair I wanted to start on a second. Socks rock! They’re the perfect portable project.

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