Leg Warmers

22 03 2006

I’ve finished the legwarmers. Actually they were finished on Monday but I wasn’t online Monday night and only got on for a brief period Tuesday so there you go. What did I used to make these said Legwarmers. Red Heart. No big shocker there, we all know I love acrylic.

Oh, and because the question was raised, I used Regia for my Jaywalkers, color Chili. That was my lovely $3.47 yarn I bought of Herrschners a few weeks ago. Speaking of the Jaywalkers, I’ve found I really enjoy constantly knitting around and around and around. It’s that row between the knitted ones that isn’t my favorite. Usually I’m all for the complicated stuff, so this comes as a big shock to me. But hey, I guess this is a good thing, it means I won’t be bored if I just do basic socks, and mindless projects are always a plus.

Oh, I went to stitch and bitch last night, if that’s what you want to call it. No one showed up so I left after 45 minutes. I did drag two of my friends along with me, so technically it could have been a group, but it just isn’t the same.




2 responses

22 03 2006

cool legwarmers and bummer about the lack of snb members showing up for ya…i missed my snb group last nite…stayed home w/ a stomachache that’s been lingering since monday and still isn’t completely gone. yuck.

23 03 2006

that’s sad about SnB but your legwarmers look great!

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