This is why I should count.

27 03 2006

I’m the type of person who doesn’t count. Once I get into patterns I know where things go, so I just get lazy and don’t bother. Well last night while working away on my Jaywalker I said to myself, I really should count, that way, if I do mess up, I’ll catch it two rows later when I do the pattern repeat rather than much further along. So I started counting. The first row I counted, was off by a stitch. But how could that be? I screwed up. Yup. I forgot to increase at the very end of a row way back when (which probably explains why the sock just looked a bit odd at that point).

So how will I solve this dilemma of mine? Just one word for you: Rip. I know I could have just increased twice in that row, but it would have thrown off the pattern and annoyed me for the remainder of the socks. That and I would be haunted by the error everytime I wore the socks, so I’ll be taking it apart and re-knitting. I’ve already ripped a few rows, how much farther do I need to go? I placed my spare needle right across the row where the mistake is. I thought about running a piece of string through, pulling out the needles, and just ripping away till I got to my row, but I’m worried I won’t be able to tell quite where the row is. The small stitches (not to mention all the slants) just make me a bit uneasy so I’ll be un-knitting them. I was so proud of how far I’d gotten. I really must remember to count. That’s what did me in on the pink purse to. I didn’t notice that I was two stitches off until several rows later. There was a mistake in the pattern, but I would have caught it earlier had I been paying attention.

In other news!

I changed my layout. I was getting a bit sick of the green. I also added some of the blogs that I read into the side bar. Of course I read far more than what is listed there. I have over 60 in my bloglines account and I read all of them. Now that I think of it there are several I really enjoy that I forgot to put up there so I’m going to go fix that.




3 responses

27 03 2006

Isn’t it a bummer to be a perfectionist? I’ve had more than my share of mistakes in counting. Of course, most people would never notice but me… but I would know, and that’s where the anal-retentive who lives in my head screams, “frog it!”. Sorry for your setback 😉

27 03 2006

I think it looks great so far! I did the same thing in my jaywalkers and just increased twice in one row – I do notice it, but I try to ignore it because I hate to rip back! Good for you for doing it right!

28 03 2006

Thanks for the link!!!! I love the new layout – looks great. I’ll definatley have to check out the other blogs in your sidebar. How fun!

Yeah being a perfectionist is frustrating at times… but you’ll be so happy with the socks are done…

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