Another weekend of Ripping.

29 04 2006

I just must have these random weekends where I want to rip everything.

The sock got to me. Yes, the orange one that I said I was going to try to finish in yesterday’s entry. It’s going to go back into the stash in a moment. I like the color but I shouldn’t have done a generic sock in a solid color. Solids are meant for cool patterns so I’m going to wait and start a cool patterned sock soon. Maybe I’ll go rush off and start one now. I’d much rather spin though…

So I drove up to Avon today, or at least my mom drove. I rode along. Went to French Creek Fiber Arts (which by the way is a really cool store) and got my niddy noddy.

Then… I looked at the roving. It’s definitely a store I could go completely broke in. This is what I ended up with. Cherry Tree Hill roving. 8 oz in a color known as Earth. Quite pretty and I can imagine wearing something made out of it once I’m finished.
The colors in the photo are pretty true to real life. Definitely some nice stuff. I would have loved to buy more, but I think I’m going to wait and see what the Fiber Festival next month has to offer.

So on the way home I did several rows of my blanket square for charity. Then I got mad because it seems to be shrinking in width the longer it gets, so I ripped it. I’ll start it over and make it a few stitches wider. I’ll be happier that way.


Am I crazy?

28 04 2006

So I’m going to go to the fiber store in Avon tomorrow to track down the elusive niddy-noddy. Of course I’m thrilled, but when I tell people about it I get the weirdest reactions. “You’re driving over an hour to get yarn. Why?” It’s just hard to explain to non-knitters. We have the occasional small yarn shop around where I live. Several, but I don’t know any of them that carry spinning supplies. If they do they don’t have the information online anywhere. Who really cares though. I have a fascination for gardening supplies too so it’s bound to be a fun trip. I’m not so much a huge fan of gardening, but I like flowers as long as I don’t have to take care of them. 😀
I’ve got a decent bit done on my sock lately, for as little as I’ve worked on it. The thought crossed my mind sometime earlier this week, “I wonder if I can finish them before the end of April. Hmm… It’s highly possible. I have two days and no homework for the next four months. (Did I mention I’m on summer break?) I’m going to go for it and see how far I get. You never know, it could happen.

Edited to Add: There are yarn shops closer that advertise that they sell spinning supplies. They’re still a decent drive though. Lol. It’s okay. I like road trips.

Some endings.

27 04 2006

Well, the roving did finally dry (in case anyone was wondering), and it has been rolled back into little roving balls. So exciting I know.

What (sorta) amazes me is the fact that there are so many different colors in the roving. The grape has bits of blue, the pink has some obvious changes. You can just see it in the wool. Not complaining though, because I LOVE varigated yarn. Varigated wool is just as fun.

Now I have options when it comes to spinning it. Spin each color separately and ply them together? Or, I’ve toyed with the idea of grabbing a handful of each color and making myself a varigated yarn. I think that would look pretty cool, but I don’t know if I would like it in a finished product, let alone how it would look when I ply it. Then again, that could look completley awesome and would fix any varigated finished object issues. Any ideas? Suggestions? I love other peoples ideas, often times they state the complete obvious.

I guess in the end I just have no idea what to make.

It just won’t dry!

26 04 2006

I’m starting to think that the worst part about the whole dying process is the drying.

It doesn’t want to dry. I’m sure I could be squeezing it more, or who knows what, but I don’t know.

The rovings have been moved to the shower rod. The black cherry is hanging from the shower thing itself. My mom seems to think the lot will be dry by morning. I really hope she’s right. It took all night for that little half oz roving to dry yesterday, I can’t predict that much to be completely dry.

Went to the new charity knitting group thing tonight. Overall it was fun. I win being youngest person there by at least 20 years. I guess that’s pretty typical though. The thing I like the most is that they seem to have a huge focus on crochet which is something I don’t do quite as much as I would like. They want us to bring one item to donate each month which really shouldn’t be a problem. Any colors of things are accepted. Any item will be accepted. And, they want us to make at least one afgahn a year. One. And it’s not nearly as big as the one I made for my boyfriend. It’s a giant granny square. Never made one of those, but I’ve wanted too. Can’t beat mindless projects.

more roving…

25 04 2006

I have this problem where people will ask me questions in the comments they leave me. They all get forwarded to my email so I turn around, write them a big long email in return, then I send it out. Back to noreply at blogger. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve done it. So now I’m going to answer questions from ages ago (there aren’t very many) don’t worry. In fact, there’s just one!

kdk wanted to know what the pattern was that I was using for the blue lacy scarf that I haven’t worked on in a little while. It’s from one of my favorite book series ever, the Knit! ones. Specifically it’s from Knit Scarves!

So this morning I took the big white ball from yesterday and turned it into four smaller balls. Then guess what I did. Yup. I love Kool-aid.

From left to right we have Black Cherry (I used 4 packs for 2 oz), Pink Lemonade (4 packs, 2 oz), Grape (4 packs, 2 oz), and Cherry (5 packs, for 2 oz).

After all’s said and done, I like the colors. I would have liked them to be a little darker but it was a learning experience. Maybe next time I’ll use 3 packets per oz of roving. Or maybe 4! They’ll really think I’ve gone nuts at the store.

When I went through check out I decided to do the automated one. I bought 20 kool-aid packets and everytime I scanned one it yelled 21 cents! Then a worker came over and bagged my kool-aid for me. It was an experience. The store had tons of kool-aid too.

Oh, and in other exciting news flipflopgirlgave me a store that sells spinning supplies, so I called them up and they have my niddy noddy too. ROAD TRIP! Yay… I love road trips. 😀 And the shop is cute, and it’s in a cute area making it even better. I love little shops.

The website says they’re open Sundays, so maybe I’ll do that this weekend. I’ll call first though, wouldn’t want to drive up and have it be closed.

Going to a new knitting group thing after work tonight. I’ll probably post more on that later.


24 04 2006

I neeeeeeeeeeeeeed a niddy-noddy. Don’t know where to get one though. The store I bought my wheel from is since out of business. I was hoping to get one at the upcoming fiber festival, but that’s a looooong way away (a month) and I’m afraid I’ll go all the way up there, and they won’t have one.

I’m going to check local stores, but I have a feeling none of them really carry spinning things. I know the one closest to me doesn’t. I might bother them anyways though. I think I’ll try calling a store up by Akron to see what they carry because I don’t want to drive there if they don’t have them.

Maybe I’ll go on a mad search tomorrow.

Anyone have any online suggestions where I could buy them? Ebay scares me.

I found this site, anyone bought anything off them before?

They do seem relatively safe.

Yes, I do spin.

24 04 2006

I warn you in advance of the many pictures I loaded into this update.

If you have dial up, I appologize.

I say I spin, but you’ve never actually seen proof, so it may be hard for some of you to actually belive it.

I bought this roving about a year ago and have yet to touch the white. Now the purple/blue/white/grey stuff? I’ve been messing with that for the past year and don’t have tons to show for it. In fact the last bobbin was done just this past month, that’s how lazy I’ve been with spinning. Pretty isn’t it? I love it. It’s funny how many colors are in it, they all can’t be seen in this photo so I guess you’ll have to take my word for it.

Well… Tonight I died some roving, because white roving is just no fun. I don’t like white clothes, because they show dirt and I tend to be a messy person. The entire reason I bought this roving in the first place was so I could kool-aid dye it.

Don’t know why I decided to do it tonight, but I figured a test swatch can’t hurt, and I’m home all day tomorrow to do the real stuff if everything works out.

WARNING! I have no freaking clue what I’m doing so if you’re going to be stupid like me, do so at your own risk. Thank you!

And so my adventure begins. I peeled off a decent sized section of roving and “washed it.” Then I made my kool-aid mix. Water and kool-aid (it was really difficult). Then, I put my roving into the kool-aid mix and added more water so the roving was covered. Then I microwaved. Yup, microwaved. 2 minutes on high… let it sit as long as my impatient personality would let me, 2 more minutes, let it sit a little longer, and put it in for another minute and a half cause it was almost done. Then it was just perfect.

Now was the task of rinsing and washing again. So I stuck my finger in the water to see if it was cool enough. I burned myself. (don’t be impatient like me)

So I got out the spinning wheel and finished up another bobbin. I still have a decent bit of roving left so I’ll probably get another bobbin out of it. Then there’s the horrible issue of plying. I’ve never worked with this much yarn before. So I have a feeling once I start plying It’ll be too big for one bobbin. That’s my dillemma. Maybe I’ll just make a bunch of mini skeins. But that leads to more crisises… How do I know how many yards I have! I have no clue how to find out. Guess?!?! How do this spinning people know?! There must be a biiig secret no one tells me.

Okay, back to the dying story. After I let it cool down, I rinsed it and washed it, as I’m sure you would have guessed. Then I threw it in the bathtub to dry.

It’s official. I’m pretty sure my family thinks I’m nuts.

To me it looks like it’s worked well. I like bright colors, and I’m a bit sad it wasn’t bright like I wanted it to be, then again, it was black cherry Kool-aid, it would be as bright as regular cherry.

I think I’m going to go pick up more Kool-aid tomorrow and dye up the rest of it. I have the rest of the one ball plus a whole other ball. Or maybe I should just work with one ball. I don’t know I have no idea how much yarn I’m going to get from 8oz of roving. I think I’ll just finish up the 8oz ball I’ve started and leave the other one till I see what happens with this.

Maybe I should get that one skein book everyone’s talking about. It would probably be perfect for hand spun yarn since I always feel like I’ll never have enough.