Goodbye Jaywalker

9 04 2006

The Jaywalker has been reduced back to a small ball of yarn. It’s my own fault though. When I read the sizes on the pattern and measured my foot, I found that my foot was a good half inch wider than the largest size. But I thought to myself, my gauge is usually big, so maybe if I just knit normally with the needles called for, I’ll get a bigger sock. Nope. It fit somewhat. But the seems looked ready to burst. After doing some searching online tonight, I found bigger sizes for the Jaywalker. Bigger sizes which I didn’t know existed. So disappointing. Especially since the next size up was exactly the width of my foot. So I’m going to test my gauge, make sure it’s on and go by circulars. I’ll knit this one on two circulars due to the fact that all my stitches barely stayed on my baby needles. That and they just seem so friendly. This will be a summer project of mine, along with getting my large number of UFO’s off the needles.

3 weeks left till Summer. I’m overjoyed. My knitting time is going to grow like no other.




One response

10 04 2006

I’m so sorry! That sucks!!!

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