What I’ve been working on.

14 04 2006

If you haven’t noticed I recently added percentage bars in my sidebar. They make me happy and give me something to update when I have no exciting new knitting going on.

My school work has been a bit much lately and it’s been hard to get a lot of knitting done. I currently have four projects on the needles. I used to have three in the sidebar, but I’m adding a fourth that I had forgotten about. This is a scarf I started awhile ago out of cheap acrylic. Walmart acrylic to be exact. Can we say pooling? I love pooling. It’s like a pattern, and the beauty of it is, the whole scarf looks the same! Ah! It’s great. This project’s been hiding under my bed for awhile so I decided to bring it back out. I love me the charity projects.
There’s also another scarf I’ve been working on lately. It’s a lace pattern and in order to show you the lace I put a white piece of paper behind the scarf. It’s cool. Not horribly complicated but fun. I love the process of it and I feel like I learn so much with all the different decreases. I’ve found myself altering beginner patterns to make them “prettier” in my standards. I’m dying to jump into a horrifically hard lace project; however I don’t think that will be happening anytime soon.




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15 04 2006

You should definitely try some big lace! I’m working on my first big lace project ever – and it’s going fine… slow but fine. I also made branching out from knitty which was a great way to get into the lace thing… but if you’re knitting lace scarves they you can definitely handle something big.

17 04 2006

I *love* the lace scarf! Which pattern is that?

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