Another FO

17 04 2006

Another FO down for charity. I really wish I could get these done faster. I have a feeling the reason they take so long is because I have to many things going on at once.

I sewed them all up this morning, and added the laces to the booties. They’re so cute.

Then we had family over for Easter. We had our Easter lunch, and then we all just kinda crashed in the living room. I drug my spinning wheel out of the corner and worked on the never ending ball of roving. It’s getting closer to the end! Finally! In reality I haven’t gotten that much yarn from it. It’s a considerable amount, but I have no clue what I’ll ever make from it. That’s the problem I have with spinning. I don’t know what to make once I’ve spun the yarn! Ah! I’m the type of person who buys yarn with a project in mind and I look at spinning the same way. I have to have an end goal. I don’t know what I’ll do after I make the yarn. Stash it? Seems like that is what’s going to happen.

Oh well.

April’s almost over and the only orange project spectrum related thing I’ve done is frog the only piece I was working on that was orange. I want to cast on for something orange, but I also want to get all my current projects off the needles.

Maybe I’ll wander around the house tomorrow and take pictures of orange things. I have the day off school (three cheers for Easter!) so I think I’ll be going to the gym with my sister and possibly to the yarn shop. My sister wants to buy yarn for her second official project, a sweater thing. She thinks she can just jump from a garter stitch scarf to a sweater. I’m the type of person who can and I only hope she has the same ability. I also have to try to explain the concept of gauge to her.




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