Weekend Knitting

23 04 2006

Did some knitting this weekend. I would have liked to get much more done but with exams this week I had a few things I had to get done first. First I had a project to do for Calculus II. Worked my butt off and managed to finish it on Friday night. It was supposed to be due on Monday, but someone spoke to our professor about getting an extension and he gave us until this coming Friday. This was great, but I figured I should probably get mine done because I knew I wouldn’t study for my other exams because “I needed to work on my project”.

Also in class last Friday, the same Calc professor announced our the first half of the exam would be multiple choice and the second half would be problems, which is how all of his exams are. Then he said we would be taking the second half home for a take home exa due Monday. The class couldn’t have been more thrilled. So he made fun of us, saying how he was shocked to see us so excited after he just ruined our weekend. Well I decided I’d spend all day Sunday working on the take home exam. I had a banquet Saturday, and I hang out with some friends on Saturday night, so Saturday was pretty much out of the question. Turns out this take home exam was much easier than I anticipated. Quite a plesant surprise.

I did get a decent bit of knitting done. Over three hours of working on the charity scarf while at my friends apartment. They’re still making fun of me for my socks I was working on before (the Jaywalkers). They claim that if I made socks that were round rather than square they would fit me. The double pointed needles are the reason the socks are “square”. I’ve also been teased about my “square” preemie hat because babies don’t have square heads. Fun times definitely.

I also worked on my new orange sock a bit.

The wider toe will definitely work. It’s a bit wider than I wanted, but at least my toes won’t be cramped. That and I have a feeling the extra space will disappear some when the socks get longer and stretch over my feet.




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24 04 2006

Hi! Thanks for the comment! The Pebble St is: Row 1 – p1, k1, across. Row 2 – k1, yarn over as if to purl and slip st, repeat these two sts. Row 3 – k1, p1, across. Row 4 – k2, *yo as if to purl and slip st, k1*, repeat from * to *. It looks a lot like the Moss st. and Sand st. Good luck with your blanket!! *waves*

24 04 2006

Love the orange socks!

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