It just won’t dry!

26 04 2006

I’m starting to think that the worst part about the whole dying process is the drying.

It doesn’t want to dry. I’m sure I could be squeezing it more, or who knows what, but I don’t know.

The rovings have been moved to the shower rod. The black cherry is hanging from the shower thing itself. My mom seems to think the lot will be dry by morning. I really hope she’s right. It took all night for that little half oz roving to dry yesterday, I can’t predict that much to be completely dry.

Went to the new charity knitting group thing tonight. Overall it was fun. I win being youngest person there by at least 20 years. I guess that’s pretty typical though. The thing I like the most is that they seem to have a huge focus on crochet which is something I don’t do quite as much as I would like. They want us to bring one item to donate each month which really shouldn’t be a problem. Any colors of things are accepted. Any item will be accepted. And, they want us to make at least one afgahn a year. One. And it’s not nearly as big as the one I made for my boyfriend. It’s a giant granny square. Never made one of those, but I’ve wanted too. Can’t beat mindless projects.




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