Some endings.

27 04 2006

Well, the roving did finally dry (in case anyone was wondering), and it has been rolled back into little roving balls. So exciting I know.

What (sorta) amazes me is the fact that there are so many different colors in the roving. The grape has bits of blue, the pink has some obvious changes. You can just see it in the wool. Not complaining though, because I LOVE varigated yarn. Varigated wool is just as fun.

Now I have options when it comes to spinning it. Spin each color separately and ply them together? Or, I’ve toyed with the idea of grabbing a handful of each color and making myself a varigated yarn. I think that would look pretty cool, but I don’t know if I would like it in a finished product, let alone how it would look when I ply it. Then again, that could look completley awesome and would fix any varigated finished object issues. Any ideas? Suggestions? I love other peoples ideas, often times they state the complete obvious.

I guess in the end I just have no idea what to make.




5 responses

27 04 2006

Do it in larger sections and make it self striping!! ooooh..
You didn’t tell me you spin!! Man!! I got to see this!

27 04 2006

i am in the middle of finals too! good luck with all of your work! i have just two weeks left!

27 04 2006

I’m not a spinner so I don’t really know what your options are…. But I think anything you do with that roving is going to turn out great! Yeah for kool-aid dye!

28 04 2006

Lookin’ good chica! Hope my rambling comment the other day was helpful- but you seem really proficient. I was like, “damn, look at all that nice thin evenly spun yarn on that bobbin!”

Hope you didn’t think I was snobby in my last post- I’m lucky to get mad deals at the LYS and if it weren’t for that, I’d be shopping wally world for all my yarns. Sometimes I forget how spoiled I am…

As far as what to do with your roving, I like to grab two thin pieces (like 1 inch wide each) of different rovings(say one light and one dark) then spin them together. I think this gives you a really cool cabled-looking singles with organic color variation throughout with the different colors remaining distinct. I dunno if this makes sense, but just try it and you will see what I mean 😉

28 04 2006

i think i’m gonna have to try my hand at this kool aid dye…this stuff looks amazing! can’t wait to see how it turns out!

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