Another weekend of Ripping.

29 04 2006

I just must have these random weekends where I want to rip everything.

The sock got to me. Yes, the orange one that I said I was going to try to finish in yesterday’s entry. It’s going to go back into the stash in a moment. I like the color but I shouldn’t have done a generic sock in a solid color. Solids are meant for cool patterns so I’m going to wait and start a cool patterned sock soon. Maybe I’ll go rush off and start one now. I’d much rather spin though…

So I drove up to Avon today, or at least my mom drove. I rode along. Went to French Creek Fiber Arts (which by the way is a really cool store) and got my niddy noddy.

Then… I looked at the roving. It’s definitely a store I could go completely broke in. This is what I ended up with. Cherry Tree Hill roving. 8 oz in a color known as Earth. Quite pretty and I can imagine wearing something made out of it once I’m finished.
The colors in the photo are pretty true to real life. Definitely some nice stuff. I would have loved to buy more, but I think I’m going to wait and see what the Fiber Festival next month has to offer.

So on the way home I did several rows of my blanket square for charity. Then I got mad because it seems to be shrinking in width the longer it gets, so I ripped it. I’ll start it over and make it a few stitches wider. I’ll be happier that way.




2 responses

30 04 2006

I love that area of avon – it’s cute and it sells my crack! And i totally don’t think it’s weird to drive an hour for yarn…

the roving you bought is beautiful! can’t wait to see it spun up. I don’t even think I realized that they sold roving like that.

30 04 2006

I love that colorway! Which fiber festival are you going to next month? I might have to go — even if it’s more than an hour away. 😉 I do love a good fiber festival…

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