The “improvised” baby sweater

14 05 2006

So the pattern says something about knit x number of rows of the ridge pattern through the x…
Through x? I took that as meaning up to x, then stop. If not the pattern wouldn’t have looked like the picture. But then I though, why would they put instructions after the x if we don’t use them? So when I needed another inch I used that after the x part. I didn’t use the whole thing though, stopped once I got to the 60 rows that the pattern said I should knit it for. Well.. the pattern technically said I was supposed to knit for 50 rows, but I assumed it was a typo seeing as how most patterns don’t say knit for 54 (50, 66) rows. Usually when the size gets bigger, the numbers get bigger, not smaller. Maybe I shouldn’t assume, but I assumed that the 50 should have been a 60. What I did doesn’t look phenominal, but it looks decent enough. I figured it was just a repeat of knit and purl rows so what’s the worst that could happen? I have a ridge. The “improvising” I’m refering to is the wide ridge along the top underneigth the white. In the whole scheme of things there was going to be a wide ridge there anyways, mine’s just a row wider. No big deal as long as I do the same thing on the front and the ridges line up. At least that’s my game plan cause I’m not ripping. I’m not having a baby, and I don’t even know the mother who’s getting this so I’m not too concerned. Besides, it’s using up the mounds of scrap yarn thrown under my bed. I think I’ll be making more scrap yarn baby sweaters this summer.

Did I mention this is all I’ve really worked on over the last few days? Yup… just this. One project. What a shocker that is.




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