More Podcasts

17 05 2006

These are some other ones that I liked.

FiberCast is pretty cool. It covers all the important “fiber” related stuff which I just love.

It’s a Purl, Man is just funny. It is marked explicit though so be warned.

KnitCast has lots of interviews which I think is great. Nothing better than interviews.

Knitting News Cast. It has news about knitting. Duh.

KnitTunes plays music which is great to listen to while knitting.

Math4Knitters. It’s great because the hostess goes over math things that deal with knitting.

Secret Knitting is pretty cool too. They don’t tell you what you’re knitting. It’s a surprise. How great is that.

Time2Knit is another book knit blog thing. They play books to listen to while knitting. Three cheers for that!

The other ones I listed are good too and worth checking out. They might not be for you, but they aren’t bad.

I’ve done lots of knitting on the baby sweater. It’s starting to confuse me so I’m blaming the pattern.




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17 05 2006

I’ll have to check these out!

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