I’m just “looking”

22 05 2006

I went to school today to pick up my books for next semester. Turns out they’re not in until mid July. So I’ve got awhile. On my way home I decided to drop by that yarn store that I really don’t like. The one that didn’t have tons of sock yarn, at least they didn’t have tons of Regia when I last checked. Of course, when I was looking for sock yarn nothing compared to Regia (because that was the only “fancy” sock yarn that I had purchased).

This time I was looking for Trekking XXL and if I didn’t find it I was going to swear off this store forever. I thought that they might have it, although I expected it to be overly priced.

I was wrong. They had some Trekking. Not tons, maybe 3 different colors, but one of them was gorgeous. It was reasonably priced though. The exact same price I found it for online. I kept looking around and found something else. Sockotta. In far cooler colors than the Trekking that this store carried. So I picked up two skeins.
They’re so pretty! The colors are pretty accurate. The beauty of it is, you can get a pair of socks out of one skein.

I love yarn.




2 responses

22 05 2006

ut oh.. that’s a little less cash for this weekend!! Hey wanna meet up?

23 05 2006

Those are really pretty! That’s so cool that you can make a pair of socks with one skein! Yay for lots of yarn!!

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