24 05 2006

Another small FO. Had our little Charity knitting/crochet group thing last night. The lesson: how to crochet dishcloths. I was given some cotton yarn because I didn’t know to bring any and this was what resulted.

I love the yarn. Not so much the pattern, a little too simple for me. But I love the color of that yarn! Of course the reason she got the yarn so cheap was because it was discontinued. Of course! Just my luck.

It’s still pretty though.

I got more work done on my sock while at graduation tonight. We got there early so I had time to work on it before the ceremony began. It’s not tight enough for my liking but now I know what to change next time around. Then again, my Jaywalker was too tight, and now it is no more. So what’s perfect? I mean, of course it’s not going to fit like store bought socks. Maybe my sock is okay.




One response

25 05 2006

Aha! now I know who it was that cleaned out the cotton clearence shelves at Joann’s!! GRRR I would have gotten a few balls of it for a buck!! But nope.. it was ALL GONE!
Nice cloth!! See ya Saturday? I’ll be there longer than I originally thought! Yeah!

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