Fiber Fest-Part I

28 05 2006

Went to the Great Lakes Fiber Show early Saturday in search of sock yarn. Well… I found sock yarn, but didn’t buy any. Aren’t you proud of me?

However, I did buy lots and lots of roving. Lots and lots is a bit of an understatement. What can I say? I like bright colors… they are my weakness.

One of my missions of the day was to find out what to do about my squeaky spinning wheel and get some oil for it. That’s the main reason I’ve avoided my wheel lately. So I talked to someone about that and bought a kit with replacement parts for my wheel. These are all the parts that I’m afraid I’m going to break or lose, so I’m quite happy to have this. Now I can tighten things without being afraid of breaking them! (I’m paranoid)

So bought that kit off her, and decided to buy some alpaca from her as well. Never spun, or even used alpaca, before. It’s such a pretty color brown. I’ve had this thing for browns and other natural colors lately. None of the fiber I bought was too horribly priced. I’d pay more if I bought it on the internet so why not?

The stuff that was more on the expensive side was so expensive because of the amazing dye jobs.

I got some gorgeous rovings, but because blogger is being a pain, and in order to entertain you all weekend I’m going to post a picture of different fiber I bought each post until all is shown. I’m to see if I can finish most of Adamas in the upcoming week, and I don’t think I’ll post too many pictures of the shawl because it really doesn’t change much from day to day.

So here’s my picture for today.
Lovely colored alpaca. I love the white mixed in. I don’t know why… but I do. It gives it little blips in the yarn which can be fun sometimes. The lady selling it showed me how it looks spun up… definitely beautiful.

I’ve been on such a natural color kick lately. Naturals and brights. Haha.. what a combo.




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