Stupid sock…

30 05 2006

My sock is making me mad again. I think I’ll frog.

I’m always frogging the stupid socks.

I think I just can’t knit socks on DPNs… I love DPNs. They make me happy. Everything goes great on them when I’m working with acrylic, but this sock yarn… it just isn’t working. I have bizarre stripes down the socks, which I think may be from pulling to tight, and the sock just feels loose. Maybe that’s how it’s supposed to feel. I don’t know. I’ll deal with it in the morning.

I think I need a new pattern. Maybe I’ll give Pomatomus another try. This time. When I make socks… I’m so swatching. I think I’ll get out that cheap acrylic sock yarn I bought too… that way I get the first real pair of completed socks on not-so-amazing yarn. So I won’t feel bad about it.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings. I have tons of sock patterns laying around. I thought about making some out of worsted weight arylic just for the practice. Why not… I’ve got loads of it.




2 responses

30 05 2006

Awhhh. There are other ways you know.. hmmm I might have something for you to borrow.. you coming tonight?

30 05 2006

What type of DPNs are you using? How many? and what material? Take a picture of the ‘stripes’ you are talking about (are they what’s known as laddering?) and possibly I can advise…

Yer Pal.

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