The sock with lines.

31 05 2006

Here is my sock. I tried taking pictures from above, and the stripe I keep refering to just wouldn’t show up.

It isn’t “laddering” or anything. And the fabric where the stripe is is really tight, so I’m thinking that was my problem.

The sock just feels big though. But I’ve looked at other people wearing their socks, and some of them seem big.

Just how is a sock supposed to fit? I’ve never worn hand-knit socks before. I think mine are too big, but what am I comparing them too? The skin-tight, one-size-fits-all socks I buy at the store?

I haven’t frogged this sock yet. I’ve started Pomatomus, put it on waste yarn, and all’s going well so far.

The needles I use for my socks are Susan Bates DPNs. All my DPNs are those brand. Most of my needles in general are Susan Bates. I just love the metal needles.

I was working on a charity square yesterday, and it made the coolest swooshing sound. It was great. Of course I was working on this square while I was tutoring. It isn’t really tutoring. The kids have packets that they have to do. My job is more of a babysitting job. Make sure they do it, which usually involves chasing them through the house, checking their work, and helping them when they get stuck. So if work is going well and the kids are doing good… I just sit there. Well, the mom and 2 out of 4 daughters know how to knit. The younger of the two also knows how to crochet because I taught her sometime last summer. She’s right handed and everyone she knows is left so they were having a harder time teaching her. So I was plugging away on one of my squares, and the younger of the two knitters decided she really wanted to knit. I haven’t seen the girl knit in about a year. She stopped whenever the yarn store I used to go to closed. She ran up, grabbed her bulky yarn, some fun fur, and what had to be size 6-8 DPNs, and casted on for a scarf. She wanted to learn my way of casting on though. I use the long-tail cast on, which she decided was much faster than knitting the stitches on. I showed her twice, and she got it right away. That girl is definitely amazing.




One response

31 05 2006

Hmm, it looks a leetle like a ladder to me, but it’s hard to tell. Remember, though, the lines might come out when you block it! Definitely the sock shouldn’t feel super loose, but if you’re knitting stockinette, it might not be snug. How many stitches did you cast on? I bet Pomatomus works well for you. Lace designs are nice and stretchy and grippy, and the curve of the design should eliminate any lines.

Do you use 5 or 4 DPNs?

A million questions for my Pal-ee, I know!

Go you on those charity squares!!! And Go you on teaching, too.

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