30 06 2006

I’m back. No yarn either… Funny story about that actually. Before leaving I searched yarn shops in the area, and when I searched Hershey it came up with two one of which was on a Derry St. I really couldn’t remember which was where but I didn’t worry about it too much I was simply focused on yarn… I would look for yarn.

Then I saw Derry St. near Hershey and I whined about stopping at the yarn store evertime we passed it. So on our third and last day in Hershey we had this nice little break in the day so I begged to go yarn store searching. We went, couldn’t find the store on Derry. We gave up and went to an antique mall. I looked for teapots, found tons of them, and didn’t buy a single one. I was good. My mom said something to one of the employees about the so called yarn shop and she had no clue; however, she came back 10 minutes later and said another employee knew exactly where it was and gave me directions. We went off again in search of yarn shop which apparently was not on Derry. Still couldn’t find shop, so we stopped in a quilt shop which was where we thought the yarn store should be. Figured crafty people would know about other crafty stores, they were under the impression it went out of business. hm…. but it’s in the phone book! Then again there wasn’t an address in the phone book which was unusual. So we gave up and went back to the Bed and Breakfast. I sat around and worked on my red sock.

We left again for dinner and went to this little diner in Hummelstown, ordered our food… waited. They had those paper placemats with advertisements on them, and it was the Ks that caught my attention. I tend to associate every letter K I see with knitting and this ad with the letter K also had a yarn ball and knitting needles. AH! Knitting store, and it was on Derry. It was on Derry in Harrisburg, not Hershey. Oops. That would explain why there was no knitting store on Derry in Hershey, it was sad to find this ad at 6 pm when most yarn shops are closed. I called and got an answering machine…. closed. Of course. Harrisburg was somewhat flooded though so I’m not sure if that’s why it was closed, or if it was closed simply because it was closed for the day.

Oh well… I tried. Good news though, I finished a red socks! Now I have two finished socks, neither of them have partners though. It’s definitely improvement though. hehe.

Here is a picture, pretend like you can’t see my messy desk in the background. I have lots of red things. Red/pink mug. Red candy, and now a red sock.

Even better news, I started the second one!

I still need size 8 DPNS. My mom searched the craft stores for me last Sunday but nobody had size 8 or 2. Looks like I’ll need to make a trip to the Yarn Shop, or maybe I’ll just go to the LYS in North Canton. Who knows… I think I’m going to try to do some more charity knitting/crochet. I’ve been a bit lazy with it lately.


More Red Sock

25 06 2006

Got a decent bit more done on my red sock. Yay!

It’s going quite slow on the size 1 needles but I really like the way the Regia knits up on 1s. I was planning on buying another set of size 2s so I would have them on vacation but I don’t think I’m going to have a chance to get to the stores before they close tonight so I may just have to see which yarn works with size 1s and drag that on vacation. I like this pattern. It’s mindless, and I have it memorized. Great for the car and because it’s on size 1s, it takes forever.

My big issue tonight will be what knitting to take. Possibly the baby sweater, but I need size 8 DPNs for that, and if I don’t get to a store the sweater won’t be going. If I do get the size 8s I might take another baby sweater along. Hmm… tough decisions.

I’m off to lunch with my family and then to a CK meeting. Hopefully the meeting won’t last all afternoon and I’ll be able to drop by Pat Catans or JoAnns.. I wonder if Walmart has my DPNs… As much as I hate Walmart their hours are convienient.


24 06 2006

Ever been to MapMuse.com? If not… go now. It’s amazing. First good sign, on the homepage, the most viewed page of the day was the knitting/crocheting/yarn shops… YES!

Oh.. it’s definitely great.

So I’m going on vacation next week. Not to far, but it’s out of state. Being the obsessed knitter/crocheter that I am… I want yarn. My mom seems to think that I have enough yarn, but it doesn’t hurt to look for shops in the area right? I had no real plan going into this trip. I was hoping I could just keep my eyes open and begg if I actually managed to find one. I tried consulting my boyfriend being that he has lots of family in the Pittsburgh area. He was no help at all. He did notice a knitting mill though on his drive to South Carolina so he does get some points there.

Ok… back to MapMuse. I searched Hershey, because that is our first destination. They have a yarn store! Nice! We’re not actually staying in Hershey though, we’re staying in some other city about 30 minutes outside of Hershey. I’m waiting to figure out what city that is so I can search the yarn shops there. Our second stop is Pittsburgh because my sister has to see the Andy Warhol Museum. MapMuse came up with 8 different yarn shops in Pittsburgh. Cross my fingers and I’ll get to at least one while I’m on vacation.

Now to actually knitting. I made a heel in my red sock! I know… shocking. Unfortunatley I started the heel half an inch early thinking it would turn out perfect since my last sock was a little big. Wrong. It was exactly half an inch too small, because I did try it on. So I ripped back, knit half an inch and started the heel. So far I’m half done. I hope to take it to my friends house and finish some more of this sock tonight.


22 06 2006

I’ve been working on my baby sweater. Most of the progress on this was done after SNB and yesterday before work. It’s starting to look like a real sweater and leads me to believe I’m almost done.
Started the ankle Jaywalkers today. I’m using size 2s and I went down tons of sizes in the pattern until I got to one that looked like it’ll fit the 10 year old. I’ve just barely started the heel flap so once I finish the heel flap I’m not working on it until I see her again and measure it on her foot. Or I guess I could just keep knitting through the gusset and try it on her then to see how everything’s going. I don’t know. She has such little feet!

Don’t have a car today… It’s getting fixed! Yay! I will finally be able to get into my car via the driver side door! HURRAY! I don’t want to know how expensive it’s going to be. I have a feeling it’s going to be bad. We will see.

I won’t be around until Saturday, hopefully I’ll have tons of knitting progress to show you.


21 06 2006

Had our little knitting group last night. 4 people were there! It was amazing! Usually it’s somewhere around 3 people. I can only remember one other time (that I’ve been there) where there’s been 4 people.

I got some stuff done on my sweater.

Denise pointed out that I’m a liar because my sock wasn’t really finished (the ends haven’t been woven in yet). Oops…

Came home, worked on the sweater even more and found another mistake in the pattern so I’m doing the math to work around that one right now. I think a lot of the numbers in the pattern are based off the number of stitches that were casted on, and we know that one was wrong. It’s not so much that the pattern is wrong, I have a feeling it’s just bad pattern writing. I have the right number of stitches on my needles, but I’m supposed to do another increse row, which if I do that I’ll have too many stitches.

Who knows, no real big deal.

Hope everyone’s having a great day so far. I hope this rain doesn’t last long because I volunteered at Orientation again this weekend and that’s where I’ll be for the next few days.


20 06 2006

The baby sweater has been frogged. After unknitting 1 1/2 rows I decided I was better off ripping the whole thing and knitting four rows, than unknitting 11 rows. In the end it’ll be faster.

Hopefully I will have lots of baby sweater to show after it goes to SNB tonight, most likely I won’t have tons to knit. I usually do more eating and talking and not so much knitting.


My Summer is half over in 10 days and I’m not half way to my 8 inch square goal. Oh well.. I can do it! I can I can!

1/2 Pomatomus

19 06 2006

Ta DA! Knew I just should have waited to post. Looks great in that picture. In real life it looks huge. That of course is my opinion. Someone who has never before completed a sock and isn’t exactly sure how it should fit.

Pomatomus has quite the pointy toes, my toes aren’t so pointy. My red socks are pretty pointy too though. Speaking of red socks I think I might pick those up again. I’ve come to the conclusion that my bizzare lines can be blocked out. I was mad at them last night though (the red socks), so mad that I stuck it on my boyfriends foot to prove to him that my feet were screwed up and his were normal. Red Socks fit him perfectly. AH! I guess that’s good news though. If socks fit me, they’ll fit him too as far as width is concerned, meaning I only have to worry about length. Maybe I’ll start his socks soon. I’m going to try to kick out Christmas presents early this year.