19 06 2006

Because everyone’s just dying to see my sock… Here’s a picture.

That sweater I started a few days ago is not going so well. It started off with the wrong cast on number, which was discovered after the ribbing was completed. So I ripped… started over with the correct number. The second time I forgot to switch from size 6 to 8 when I finished my ribbing, so out came about 3 rows. This time (since I was using my Denise Interchangable Needles) I switched over one of the needles so I was knitting with an 8 off of a 6. Except when I got to the end of the row I forgot to switch the other needle over to a 8. I noticed 3 rows later… ripped again. Continued on, everything going great, when I realized I forgot all about the button holes. Oops. I was supposed to put the first one in row 4. I’m somewhere around 17. It needs to be ripped back, but I haven’t had the will to do it lately. I’m going to make a push to get Pomatomus sock #1 off the needles (2 1/2 inches left!) then I think I’ll take the baby sweater to Panera tomorrow for our little knitting group. I think I’ll start the second Pomatomus once the ankle Jaywalkers are finished. I have a feeling I’ll need the needles for the Jaywalkers.




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