22 06 2006

I’ve been working on my baby sweater. Most of the progress on this was done after SNB and yesterday before work. It’s starting to look like a real sweater and leads me to believe I’m almost done.
Started the ankle Jaywalkers today. I’m using size 2s and I went down tons of sizes in the pattern until I got to one that looked like it’ll fit the 10 year old. I’ve just barely started the heel flap so once I finish the heel flap I’m not working on it until I see her again and measure it on her foot. Or I guess I could just keep knitting through the gusset and try it on her then to see how everything’s going. I don’t know. She has such little feet!

Don’t have a car today… It’s getting fixed! Yay! I will finally be able to get into my car via the driver side door! HURRAY! I don’t want to know how expensive it’s going to be. I have a feeling it’s going to be bad. We will see.

I won’t be around until Saturday, hopefully I’ll have tons of knitting progress to show you.



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