24 06 2006

Ever been to If not… go now. It’s amazing. First good sign, on the homepage, the most viewed page of the day was the knitting/crocheting/yarn shops… YES!

Oh.. it’s definitely great.

So I’m going on vacation next week. Not to far, but it’s out of state. Being the obsessed knitter/crocheter that I am… I want yarn. My mom seems to think that I have enough yarn, but it doesn’t hurt to look for shops in the area right? I had no real plan going into this trip. I was hoping I could just keep my eyes open and begg if I actually managed to find one. I tried consulting my boyfriend being that he has lots of family in the Pittsburgh area. He was no help at all. He did notice a knitting mill though on his drive to South Carolina so he does get some points there.

Ok… back to MapMuse. I searched Hershey, because that is our first destination. They have a yarn store! Nice! We’re not actually staying in Hershey though, we’re staying in some other city about 30 minutes outside of Hershey. I’m waiting to figure out what city that is so I can search the yarn shops there. Our second stop is Pittsburgh because my sister has to see the Andy Warhol Museum. MapMuse came up with 8 different yarn shops in Pittsburgh. Cross my fingers and I’ll get to at least one while I’m on vacation.

Now to actually knitting. I made a heel in my red sock! I know… shocking. Unfortunatley I started the heel half an inch early thinking it would turn out perfect since my last sock was a little big. Wrong. It was exactly half an inch too small, because I did try it on. So I ripped back, knit half an inch and started the heel. So far I’m half done. I hope to take it to my friends house and finish some more of this sock tonight.




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25 06 2006

I’d never been to MapMuse before — but I’ll definitely be back. They seem to be really accurate when it comes shops, too. Have a great vacation — and bring back lots of yarn! 🙂

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