Then there were 4.5

31 07 2006

31.jpgNow after some plying this weekend I have four and a half skeins of my lovely self-striping kool-aid dyed yarn. Not sure what I can make out of it. I really have no ideas when it comes to things like this. Right now, I think it’ll take me all four and a half skeins to get a scarf. But in total, this was 8 oz of fiber (before dying), and I feel like I should have more than enough to make a scarf.


Sock Wars.

29 07 2006

So I joined Sock Wars this morning. Maybe it’s a mistake. Maybe I won’t have time to do it seeing as how I’ll be in school. But it should be loads of fun trying.

If you haven’t joined…. go do it now. It looks like some serious fun.

The wheel is calling.

28 07 2006

281.jpgMy spinning wheel is calling. I did some spinning earlier this morning before I sat down to work on my candle flame shawl. I did a little, but I just need to spin. That’s my problem. I spin because I want to spin. I like spinning. I like fiber. I never have a specific project in mind when I start spinning. Because of this I don’t make much with my handspun. I’m always afraid I’m going to run short. I guess I just don’t know how much yarn it takes to make everyday kinda items.

I’ve played with the idea of selling my handspun, but I just don’t know if it would sell or not. I don’t know if people would want it. AHHH! It drives me crazy… What do you think? Is it worth selling it just to see if there’s much of a market for it? I guess if it doesn’t sell I could always keep it, or even gift it. Does anyone out there actually sold some of their handspun?

Does this count as a FO?

27 07 2006

I made this.
271.jpgActually I made this on Tuesday, and it was drying when I was posting about Adamas. I would have updated yesterday about it but I spent all day in Delaware, OH, because we went down to visit my sister for parents night at band camp.

In other not so great news… My cousins apartment burned to the ground. They barely got out in time. The more we find out the worse the story gets. The smoke alarms had been beeping so apparently they took out the batteries. So then of course, when the apartment caught fire there was no warning. Two of my cousins, and the oldests baby live in this apartment. The baby is not two weeks old. So the boyfriend/father of the baby was staying the night. He heard an explosion and woke up, to flames. No one else was even awake, so he woke his girlfriend up, grabbed the baby and then got the younger sister up. They made it out by pure luck. The pets survivd too even though they were forgotten about in all the chaos. So three families are without homes, it was arson, and everything is gone including the car that was in the garage.


25 07 2006

Finally I can post a picture of Adamas. It isn’t the world best picture. I’ve found that this shade is very hard to photograph, or at least it is for me. I tried going outside, where the sun, and furniture just washed it out. Then I tried the living room. It was okay. The pure glory of the color doesn’t show through, but you can see the general shape.

251.jpgPattern: Adamas from Knitpicks
Yarn: Shadow in color Oregon Coast, also from Knitpicks

Okay.. I know, not that exciting.

25-21.jpgAlso, I finished square number 7 for charity. Square 6 was finished either earlier this week or late last week, and because I didn’t include a picture before, there’s one now. I’ve worked on Pomatomus, it’s coming along.

Fun with Mail.

24 07 2006

I would love to post about the shawl and show you the finished pictures, but my mom took it to work with her to show everyone, and it probably won’t be back till tomorrow night.

Until then I will entertain you with what came in the mail today. A cute little package from my SP!

All sorts of goodies.
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There’s a crochet hook/dpn/other random thing holder, cute little notecards with a knitter on them, some magnet like things, dark chocolate (which looks amazing), and of course there was yarn. Hand-dyed sock yarn to be specific. The yarn has all sorts of colors in it. There’s lots of blue and some browns. One skein seems quite a bit darker than the other, so I’m not sure if I’m going to do the whole every other row with a different skein kinda thing, or just knit one sock with each color and ignore the fact that there’s a slight difference in color. I guess I could just make each skein into two smaller balls, then just do the whole alternating thing.
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23 07 2006

It’s been blocked. Looks great.

Only took about 10 hours maybe to dry.

I was eager to get it off the blocking board, especially since my cats took a liking to pull the pins out and chew on them.

I tried to take a picture but it just wasn’t happening. I hope to get one outside tomorrow, and maybe eventually I’ll get a picture of it on me. Who knows. I’m not very photogenic.