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4 07 2006

I’ve made so much progress lately it’s amazing. I’m going to credit it to the fact that I’ve been at home and I haven’t worked lately.

I’ve been working on red sock #2 and I’m at the halfway point.

I’ve worked on the orange sweater and have just one inch of ribbing left to go before I start the sleaves. As soon as the inch of ribbing is finished the sweater is going to take a little break until I wander upon some size 8 DPNs.

I also worked on the mini Jaywalker socks some. I got them out on Sunday, along with a childs sock pattern I had, ripped the old one and started a new one on bigger needles. This time I actually read the label and saw the recommended needle size was 3-6. I was using 2s. Usually I use the smallest size they recommend so I upped my needles to a 3 and it’s going much smoother. The yarn is just too thick for 2s. This means my 2s are now free! I could start my other Pomatomus!

I think I’m going to hold off though. I have so many things started and almost finished. Note my percent bars in the side, everything is well over half done (aside from my Pomatomus), I really should finish some of them up.



2 responses

4 07 2006

Love the oranges, yellows & greens. Very pretty.

4 07 2006

That orange sweater is lookin’ DARLING! I’m excited to see your progress! Go you.

— Yer Secret Pal–>

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