Third time’s a charm

5 07 2006

This is the third attempt at this post today. Cross my fingers and blogger will like it.

First off Knitty updated. Lots of feet/leg/arm/wrist/hand warmer things. I really like this knitty. I like sock patterns and there were several and i’m looking forward to the toe-up lacy pattern that’s on there. There were lots of cool patterns… I like the beaded socks too.

Oh… I decided last night (after finishing and sewing the ends in on the mini jaywalker) that it was too big. So I frogged it and started over with one size bigger. Things were still going quite well when I sat down with my mini jaywalker to watch TV this afternoon when blogger wouldn’t let me update. While watching TV I finished the gusset and thought to myself… “it looks like my foot would fit in here.” It did. my foot is about 9.5 inches around… hers is 7.5. So I ripped it again and am re-starting the original sock.

Cross my fingers and this sock will get finished and it will fit.




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