Another FO!

12 07 2006

My first finished pair of socks! Wooo! Actually they were finished last night around 7:30 and the ends were woven in as well. I was going to post about it last night but the second I finished weaving in the last end, my sister yelled that the internet was down again. AH! Just my luck.

They fit great. I would have taken a picture of them on my feet, but my feet are sandy because I just came back from kayaking.

I bought a kayak last weekend and I’m in absolute love with it. I was going to take a picture, but I never got the chance. It now lives at my uncles house so we don’t have to carry it to the lake every time we want to go out. Hopefully I’ll get my kayak out a lot this summer. It was so nice this morning, half the lake was calm, so I tried to stick to that half…lol. Bonus is I get exercise at the same time.




4 responses

12 07 2006

Congratulations on a lovely pair of socks, girl!

– Yer Pal

12 07 2006

the socks looks great and the kayaking rocks…i’ve never done it, but i’m sure it’s great exercise and great “thinking” time, since it’s a one person sport, right? how fun!

12 07 2006

wahhhhh I want a kayak! I want socks!!! wahhhh!!!!
Go girl go!

14 07 2006

congrats on finishing your first pair!!! They look GREAT! and the kayaking sounds like a ball…

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