Mini-Jaywalker surgery

15 07 2006

They’ve been driving me mad. I finished both socks and fixed the little hole created by the pattern. Life was good. Then I got out my fun fur that I was going to just slip around the top of the sock to make the cuff fuzzy. Apparently just weaving in fun fur may work well, but it completely kills the stretch that the cuff originally had.

This I found out yesterday. I want to get the socks out of my life forever. I had to restart that first one so many times it makes me want to scream. I kept sewing in the fun fur, then ripping it out, then sewing again, and ripping out again. That’s all I did as far as knitting/crochet/spinning goes yesterday. I played with fun fur. It really drove me mad, and I drove my boyfriend mad worrying about it. The thing with him is that he likes to give advice. Impractical advice that would never work in the real world.

Him: “Staple the fur to the socks.”
Me: “That won’t work.”
Him: “Sure it will, and staples are cheap!”

He loves to suggest things, even when he knows it won’t work. The best advice he gave was to unravel it backwords and knit it again.

Waking up this morning my mind went back to the socks and the fact that I should blog about it because, maybe, just maybe some amazing idea would come to me when I’m blogging. Then it hit me. One of the many blogs I read showed where they had to fix the middle of a sock before, and how amazingly easy it was. Then it occured to me that I could just use the same technique to fix the cuff. So I’m off to fix, I’ll take pictures once completed.

ETA: One down, one to go. I’m not sure that I have the energy to finish the second one today, but it will be done this weekend. I want to get some new projects on the needles.




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