Two new FOs… sort of…

16 07 2006

Finished the Jaywalker surgery… I now have fuzzy cuffs on my mini-Jaywalkers. Went much better than planned.

After finishing that I finished up the knitting and even wove all the ends in on my orange baby sweater. All that’s left to do there is finding some cute little buttons and
sewing them on. Practically done, but I guess it can’t really count as an FO.

Next up on my To Do List? One more Pomatomus sock (so I’ll have a whole pair). Also to be cast on in the near future is the headband for the other girl I tutor. She changed her mind. She no longer wants a Pomatomus headband, which I found very disappointing, she now wants the same pattern used for her scarf and her legwarmers, what she doesn’t realize is that they were two completely different stitch patterns. The scarf was lace and the legwarmers were a purl/knit combination. She chose legwarmer pattern so that should get finished really quick.

I’ll also be attempting to finish ADAMAS! Haven’t worked on that one in awhile. I watched P&P yesterday and started listening to the Craftlit they did with P&P. It really made me miss my shawl. My big worry is the final size. I never did a gauge swatch and I’ve barely used more than a skein of yarn when the pattern called for two. Maybe I’ll take the time to put the whole nasty thing on scrap yarn and see how big it is. That seems like so much effor though and I really don’t want to do that. Maybe I’ll just guess, bind off, and hope it stretches when blocking.




One response

17 07 2006

Cute FO’s!

About the Adamas – I had the same thoughts as you about the amount of yarn I used… I didn’t start in on the second ball until about the 12th repeat of the pattern! I only ended up using about half of the second ball and I knit the full 14 repeats plus the border. Hope that helps!!!

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