My day has been made.

17 07 2006

Jeanne totally made my day with the comment on Adamas. She said she started her second ball of yarn in the 12th repeat, and I started mine about halfway through said repeat. I’m thrilled. Her’s was a good size, and she used the same yarn. So technically mine should be at least half as great as hers. That is assuming I don’t screw it up blocking it.

Nothing new and exciting in knitting to show. I’ve been working away on Adamas, and a square for charity. I really should start the gift headband tonight. Wait no! Need to measure kid’s head first. I need to find the magazine that pattern’s in.

ETA: I lied… I was in the very beginning of the 13th repeat when I started my second ball of yarn. Maybe I’ll just add an extra 10 rows and cross my fingers.




One response

18 07 2006


I know KDK of Pens And Needles added another repeat – but it was because she was using yarn with silk in it and wasn’t sure if it would block out big enough. Anyways you can check out her blog for pictures of a 15 repeat Adamas….

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