I really don’t like thinking of titles…..

23 07 2006

I came close to finishing Adamas before I left. Not close enough to get it off the needles though. I have maybe 1/4 of it casted off, so it should be off today. I’m really thinking I might go get a blocking board. I was going to just use a cardboard box but I have a bad feeling it won’t be big enough. I’m waiting for the 40% off coupon that we will hopefully get in the paper today.

Still need buttons for my baby sweater. I need to start another one too for a baby that’s been here for several months. Last September my other cousin had a baby, and I had been working away on a baby blanket but it had 222 little pieces and after sewing them all together and weaving in 21392083928 ends, I wasn’t giving it up. But I saw the baby again yesterday, I really think he needs a sweater… he’s just so cute!

Started the second Pomatomus, I have a cuff so far. There really hasn’t been much knitting happening. Hopefully I’ll have more to show in the upcoming days.




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