25 07 2006

Finally I can post a picture of Adamas. It isn’t the world best picture. I’ve found that this shade is very hard to photograph, or at least it is for me. I tried going outside, where the sun, and furniture just washed it out. Then I tried the living room. It was okay. The pure glory of the color doesn’t show through, but you can see the general shape.

251.jpgPattern: Adamas from Knitpicks
Yarn: Shadow in color Oregon Coast, also from Knitpicks

Okay.. I know, not that exciting.

25-21.jpgAlso, I finished square number 7 for charity. Square 6 was finished either earlier this week or late last week, and because I didn’t include a picture before, there’s one now. I’ve worked on Pomatomus, it’s coming along.




6 responses

25 07 2006

Yes, Adamas IS exciting! I saw the Oregon Coast color on the Knit Picks website- it really is reminiscient of it! It sucks that most photos do not pick up the subtleties of color in fiber- great job… it’s gorgeous!

25 07 2006

wooooo hooo can’t wait to see it in person.. i am busy stalking spinning wheels on ebay..mwah ahha

25 07 2006

It’s GEORGOUS!!! Love it.

26 07 2006

Your Adamas is beautiful! Great job! I love the color — even if it’s hard to photograph. 🙂

26 07 2006

wow – u did an amazing job on adamas…way to go!!

26 07 2006

I think you deserve to be VERY proud of yourself!

Off on vacation — will send you more goodies on my return 😉

— Yer Secret Pal.

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