I spun yarn.

9 08 2006

9.jpgI spun yarn this week.

Ta dA! Approximately 4 oz of white handspun wool. What kind of wool? No clue. Unlabeled so it must not be that fancy. If it was anything horribly exciting they would tell you.

It’s nice. I like it. It’s waiting to be washed so the twist can be set. Then it will go live in the stash until I figure out what I want to make with it.

I now have 12 skeins of handspun, and no clue what to do with them. Oh dear…

In other news… my boyfriend snapped one of my knitting needles in half. He was using it for the scarf that he’s been working on for the past two years. To make a long story short, he has his yarn/needles/scarf in a plastic bag which has a large hole. Needle fell through the hole, landed on his bed, all his weight was put on it, and it snapped. He never saw the needle. I was a little heartbroken. The broken needle was one of my great aunt’s which is why I always warned him to be careful. Oh well… it happens.

I’ve also promised my boyfriend that once he finished his scarf that I would put it on my blog.



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