We have Bats

19 08 2006

We have bats. Or at least one bat, but once we find one, there are many others lurking. Good news, we haven’t spotted them in the house yet. Bad news, they’re outside my bedroom window, I’d be the first to know.

In other exciting news, I found I can trick my router into working! Because of this I’m online right now ready to tell you that I know who my secret pal is. Yup, it’s no longer a secret. I’ve been dying to go check out her blog all day, but haven’t been able to because of the evil internet situation.
19.jpgIt’s been Valerie who has been spoiling me all along…. She sent me pens. That’s exciting, especially since RSVPs have been my favorite pen of all time since I discovered them 9 years ago. She’s great. She practically reads my mind, and it’s almost scary.

Go visit her blog!

All in all it’s been a great SP8, but I think I’m going to stay out of SP9. Swaps are fun, but I think I’d rather do some personal ones, so if anyone is interested in a personal swap let me know. I know there are so many cool things in different parts of the world that you just can’t find where you live.




2 responses

20 08 2006

I’m glad you enjoyed SP8. I know your spoiler had a great time with you.
But I know what you mean about more personalized swaps. I’m not participating (as hostess or participant) in the next swap. But I’ve had my fun.

22 08 2006
Earin Marybird

I’ve never done a swap. It sounds like it could be fun. If you don’t know me can it be personal she muses…

I love bright colors and this from a person who used to only wear white or black. Eventually I would wear gray. Now I wear loud colors. Gortex jacket? Orange. Shorts? Pink. T-shirt? Bright blue. Socks? Yellow with flowers. My hubby says he can always find me in a crowd.

Valerie is great. She’s been a great resource and just darn fun. After I managed to tangle my Sundara yarn into a huge knot (there was a kitten in the middle) she said, “You need a SWIFT!”.

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