Before I disappear.

21 08 2006

My boyfriend is over and he’s taking my router when he leaves. We have two computers, but I might just not post until I get a new router. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. This should entertain you for two seconds.

211.jpgFirst, my works in progress. There are five total, but only four in this picture. There’s the pink candle flame shawl that hasn’t progressed very much, the second pomatomus sock with part of a heel flap, yet another square for charity, and last but not least a hat with a fuzzy border to match the mini-jaywalkers.

21-2.jpgWhen I went to buy the yarn for the hat I came back with some other things as well… like more sock yarn. I like this sassy stripes stuff. I’m not sure why, but I like it! It’s probably because I use size 3 needles, the socks just fly off the needles. I figured I could use some more since I joined the socks a month knit-a-long. I also like the color.

21-3.jpgThen I wandered over to the clearance yarn. I love this color. I like bright colors… it’s a fact widely known, and I’ve always loved this color yarn. I can’t believe they’re discontinuing it… oh well… more for me. I figured since I may never see this yarn again, and since it was only $1.50 a skein, I might as well buy it. All of it.

Did I mention that I had a 10% off coupon? That justified all my purchases. The three skeins of sock yarn came out to just less than what the nine skeins of baby yarn cost.




2 responses

22 08 2006

Ooh, I agree with you, a coupon like that is a license to spend! Sounds like a good haul. 🙂

Your formerly Secret Pal,

22 08 2006

Really, is there anything better than a good yarn sale? Love the bright colors!

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