An ever-growing stash

27 08 2006


Bought trekking yesterday. It’s gorgeous.Now it’s time to face my stash. I dug out the boxes of yarn that have come to live with me since I started crocheting again in late 2003 and started knitting in 2004. Then of course there’s all the spinning fiber I’ve collected. I took so many pictures, I don’t think they’ll all fit in this entry, but I’ll try.

27-2.jpgFirst, let’s start with the spinning fiber. I knew I had a lot. The good thing about this portion of the stash is that it will be easy to use up and hopefully not increase. I’ve really been working through the blue/green/black bag in the back of the pile. It’s going down, but not too quickly. There aren’t many stores around me that sell fiber, so it shouldn’t be hard not to buy any. My goal is to use this up before the next fiber festival comes around next summer.

27-3.jpgNow for my natural fiber stash.There’s handspun there, enough yarn for about 16 pairs of socks, and some laceweight yarn as well. This will be my stash problem. I love the sock yarn, and I want to buy more all the time. It’s just so pretty, but it’s expensive too. So maybe, just maybe, if I limit my yarn money, I won’t be able to afford really expensive yarn.

27-4.jpgNow for the baby yarn. Lots of baby yarn. The majority of it was inherited from my great aunt and is over 20 years old. That’s where I got most of my knitting needles too. There were also two odd skeins of baby yarn not shown, they were found when digging through my other acrylic yarn.

27-5.jpgSpeaking of acrylic, it requires two pictures.There is overlap between the pictures. A lot of this stuff I had plans for, and others was just sort of gifted to me. Most of it will probably turn into charity projects or baby sweaters because it’s washable. 27-6.jpgThis portion of the stash needs some major busting, the problem is I do a lot of enhancing to this portion when other people want knitted items. There were also two more full skeins of red heart found hiding beneath the natural yarns. They aren’t pictured.

27-7.jpgLast but not least, I have some doily stuff! Two skeins that I haven’t touched in a long time. I do like doilies though.



4 responses

27 08 2006

Wow! That’s serious stash. Though the stash I’ve acquired in just a few months of knitting is pretty embarrassing. (I think I’d better get knittin’!)

28 08 2006

Whoah! That’s a hell of a stash! I’ve never had the guts to spread out my stash like that…

So where did you get the trekking from? I’ve been lusting after that yarn for awhile now but I can’t find anyone local who sells it…

28 08 2006

I’d have to say you’ve done a pretty good job in less than three years of stash accumulation. Very impressive. 🙂

28 08 2006

So hey.. where ya sleeping tonight. or you just leaving the yarn on the bed to stay warm?
will I see ya tommorrow?

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