First Day of School and another FO

28 08 2006

First day of classes today. Fortunately for me my first class on Monday’s is at 12:40 which means I can stay up all night on Sunday either cramming for exams, hanging out with my boyfriend or knitting. Or I can get up semi-early, at 8-8:30 and get some quality knitting time in before I head off to school.

This morning it was all about the second Pomatomus sock. My goal this time was to make the toes a bit more square so that they would actually fit my feet. I finished up the chart and started decreasing before I was forced to leave for school. After completing two hours of Calculus homework I was able to finish sock number 2 tonight. Wove the ends in and everything. Then my attention was turned back to sock number 1. I ripped a good inch on it until it matched the stopping point of sock number 2, but the live stitches back on DPNs and finished up the toe. It was large before and it still isn’t as snug as I would like. I think I’m going to blame the ribbing in the heel for the looseness of the sock. Why on earth would you put ribbing in the heel flap? I just don’t get it. It is a technique though and I plan on using all these little techniques I learn to make my ideal socks. I like short row heels. 😀 I don’t mind the gussets though and I might try some other version of a heel flap when it suits me.


Pattern: Pomatomus from Knitty
Yarn: Bernat Sox in color Jazz Hot
Modifications: I ripped back so it would be a tad bit smaller and fit my feet better. Unfortunately my feet aren’t pointy and the pointy toes did me no good. I have square feet. And I will make socks to fit my square feet!



4 responses

29 08 2006

love the socks – the colors are so pretty and they look uber comfy!
good luck w/ all that calculus!

29 08 2006

They came out cute! What pretty colors.

3 09 2006

Pretty socks! Lovely colors.

4 09 2006

Gorgeous! I’ve made one pair of these and have some hand-dyed merino set aside for another pair. Got some Socks That Rock that may become another pair, too. (Can you tell I like this pattern?)

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