The Stash will be Busted.

3 09 2006

My goal: To get my stash down to two boxes. They are big boxes though so don’t be too afraid. There are currently 3 boxes and a clothes hamper that hold my yarn and roving. There’s is also a bag or two of roving hiding in the clost. Getting the stash down to two boxes would be ideal. One for yarn, one for roving. The other empty boxes would then be used to store finished objects, charity things, and whatever other knitting related crap I’ve accumulated.

I am determined to use my stash. I love my yarn, but I’ve collected so much, and with every coupon I get to JoAnn Fabrics, I’m dying to run out and buy more cheap acrylic. I like acrylic. It’s ideal for baby sweaters, and I don’t feel bad if they get puked on. I also wouldn’t mind if they’re destroyed. When a baby sweater is made out of scrap Red Heart, it’s cute, it’s functional, and it only cost $2.15. Definitely not breaking the bank. Will I make a Red Heart sweater for myself? Time will only tell.

3-1.jpgI’ve been really wanting to make a baby sweater, so I decided to start one. Made out of the purple red heart that was on top when I opened up the laundry hamper of yarn. I have two shades of purple that look good together, but hopefully I’ll only need one shade. I’m making the smallest size and it’s probably going to charity anyways.



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4 09 2006

Good luck with stashbusting! I’ll be watching with interest to see how you do. I should do a little of that myself because !! you would not believe how many boxes of yarn I’ve acquired since discovering wool and cotton. And I had a lot of acrylic before that. Yeeeow.

4 09 2006

good for u for all of ur charity knitting and for the new stashbusting goal. i need to find a use for all of the homespun/misc pat catans/joanns yarn that i collected when i first learned to knit…any suggestions?

5 09 2006

Good luck with the stash reduction! Sounds like you have a great goal and a clear way to go about doing it – I have tons of yarn and no clue!

7 09 2006

Stash reduction is a good idea! I wandered here from Aunt Gerry’s site. I like your progress report on the side bar – how do you do that? Any chance you could send me info?

See you in Sock Wars!

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